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Rules of Procedure

The accommodation in Holambra Garden Hotel Ltda is governed by the conditions described below and published on the Internet site at www.holambragardenhotel.com. The tariff prices listed in brochures and / or advertising, are valid for the periods there marked and may vary due to high season packages or any special event, without notice.

In the daily rate is included breakfast when served at the restaurant. After normal hours or served in the apartment, the amount will be charged the "Room Service" contained in the Information Menu, located in the room. The mealtimes are set for informational menu available in all housing units. After these hours the hotel is not required to serve the stragglers.

The booking of the apartment will be effective and the locked module when the cash payment or by advance by the guest or legal representative, the 50% deposit of the total amount of daily or intended package, following the then current rates and are at our reception. It will be required a minimum payment of 50% of total daily reserved or packages along with hired extra services as appropriate.

We only accept bank deposit in the form of check, when it is properly compensated before check-in; the same applies to deposits made through the ATM. It is mandatory to send proof of deposit within three days after the effectuation of booking, by fax (19) 3802 2281 or (19) 3802 2287, or by e-mail: reservas@holambragardenhotel.com or contato@holambragardenhotel.com.

If the guest does not appear at the scheduled date for their entry, the daily in question will be considered "no-show", will be charged.

In case of cancellation, the user can arrange its replacement by another passenger, under the same conditions on the same date.

All cancellations must be sent in writing directly to the Hotel reservations department by fax: (19) 3802 2281 or (19) 3802 2287 or by e-mail: reservas@holambragardenhotel.com or contato@holambragardenhotel.com.

Cancellation fees will be charged as follows:

• Up to 7 days before the arrival: No charge.
• From 7-3 days before arrival: 50% of the amount deposited.
• 48 hours before check-in: 100% of the amount deposited.

Cancellation rates for packages and high season (Hortitec, Enflor and Expoflora) will be charged as follows:

• Up to 15 days before check-in: No charge.
• From 14 to 8 days before check-in: 50% of the amount deposited.
• 07 days before check-in: 100% of the amount deposited.
The Hotel has 30 days to make the return of the deposit.

It is mandatory to fill in the Guest Registration Form National, meeting the standards of the Department of Public Security and Ministry of Tourism.

If the guest to present the ordinance without having paid the reservation signals, reception may at its discretion charge the signal at the time of check-in.

Upon check-in will be a copy of a document with photo (RG, CNH or passport) of all persons staying.

Check in at 14h and check out at 12pm.

The accounts must be paid at the time of submission.

The guest already installed on Hotel under daily regimen may interrupt your stay at any time, however, without the right to any kind of discount the value of the signal and compensation for paid daily.

Under the package system hosting the interruption does not give right to a refund or price reduction, so the package is a single, full-price product.

The late check-out (extension of the departure time) will only be granted on the day of check out, if need be, however, be done with prior approval of the reception and is subject to availability. An additional amount of 50% of the daily rate practiced in that apartment will be charged.

If the guest does not vacate the housing unit until the time of check-out and is not present in the hotel, will be allowed to the hotel, take the guests belongings and allocate in another hotel dependence, with proper supervision of the manager or responsible. It will be charged half day for late check-out.

The invoice will only be printed on the check-out.

The Holambra Garden Hotel works under the regime of the tourism legislation and does not accept sex tourism and the exploitation of children and adolescents. The offender will be subject to penalties of the law.

As provided for in the Statute of Children and Adolescents is prohibited to hotel accommodation, child or adolescent under 18, unless authorized in writing by parents and accompanied by the duly identified legal guardian, and written and certified by a notary public. It is necessary that all children and adolescents present their identity documents (ID) and birth certificate at check-in. (Law 8.069 / 90 Art. 82 and 250)

The Holambra Garden Hotel is not responsible for minors left alone and unaccompanied by their parents or legal guardians on the premises.

The Hotel reserves the right to admit or not visits to the apartments. These must be requested at reception.

The apartments are cleaned from 07h to 14h, only once a day. If extra cleaning request, a fee of R $ 20.00 for the service will be charged. The value of the phone calls made from the apartment varies according to the type; time and place called and are automatically loops into account up to the limit of R $ 100.00. After the payment of this amount will be possible to make new calls.

Asked to guest you that, to withdraw from their rooms, do the finesse to turn off electrical appliances and lock the doors, handing the keys at the reception.

It is forbidden the entry and any species of animals remain on the premises of the Hotel.

is not allowed at any time, the use of audio equipment or instruments disturbed, and talks loudly, shouting or verbiage that threaten the peace or cause embarrassment to the other guests.

To proporcionarmos our guest a great stay, we recommend a maximum of silence of 22h to 07h. The hotel is not responsible for valuables left in the apartment without a declaration in writing made at time of check-in.

Calls to guests you the favor to close the key your bags whenever they choose to leave at the apartment any object that represents value.

It will keep for a period of ninety (90) days of the objects found on the premises and shall transmit only at the request of their owners at the cost of sending over them. After this period, the Hotel can give them the destination that suits you best.

The hotel offers parking, available vacancies in order of arrival is not responsible for any damage or theft caused to vehicles or objects left inside.

They are charged all damages, damage and theft caused by guests and their companions or visitors, equipment and movable property, real estate and Hotel utensils at time of check-out (account closure). The amount to be paid will be equal to the amount of the related product invoice at the time of your purchase, adjusted according to the IGP-M.

Materials borrowed in any sector of the hotel, like hair dryer, iron and ironing, must be returned before departure, otherwise they are charged to the account hosting.

Any complaints or suggestions should be personally addressed to management or in writing at the reception.

The solution of omissions in these Regulations will be in charge of Hotel Management.

Minor Disclaimer